What do we do?

We represent many fantastic, distinctive characters and brands that are available for licensing.

We also offer sales and services to creators looking to expand into new markets. We believe strongly in collaboration, fun and partnerships.

Are you a manufacturer or retailer?

The brands and characters that we represent offer licensees a fantastic opportunity to sell products that stand out.

We are relentless in our desire to represent quality brands and distinctive characters.

If you are a businesses looking to increase sales and license unique and engaging properties for manufacting and sale - contact us today.

Reach out to us to find out what we have available and what we have in the works!

Are you a creator?

If you are a creator looking to find a a way to expand your revenue streams, contact us to discuss your characters, brands and properties and learn how we can can help you earn more with your creations.

What we do for creators:
  • Sales
  • Trade shows
  • Development of royalties, compliance and payment management
  • Product development
  • Contract administration
  • Brand consul, planning and strategy advisement
  • Internet strategy and social media strategy